#MAD No 6 - January 2018 Newsletter

My message
2018 is here! It is now February and I am already snowed under. No - I am not talking about DG commitments. And I am not talking about real snow (I wish!). I am talking about so many stories and projects and events and good work done by our D9350 clubs. Too many to report on; too many to even mention.
So my plea to you all is a repeat of my pleas in #MAD5: please surf and connect to the many stories of your Rotary family of D9350 on their fb pages. Start with our own D9350 facebook. C’mon! It is our family album out there. Put on the D9350 website/facebook your pictures and stories – not just on your own website. Let us share in our Rotary family successes; our fellowship events; our fundraising with partners. Let us celebrate. Let us grow our family and our reach and especially our passion for making a difference. Let us get to know each other.
Oh yes! I did want to tell you how proud I am. Not of myself. But of you. As I mentioned, I had this pile of MAD stories from our D9350 clubs and just simply did not know how to choose. So what did I do? I procrastinated and started to read the December Rotary Africa. And guess what? Clubs of D9350 feature so many times in Rotary Africa that I think it must be a new record.
Go back to your December Rotary Africa issue and check it out – 2 pages by PDG Andrew Jaeger (E-Club); a special report of 5 pages on the horrific Knysna wildfires and the inspiring stories of help, support and courage to rebuild the town and area. The Rotary Club of Knysna worked tirelessly (and still do) to rebuild what was lost and are part of the silent heroes that emerged. Special mention must also be made of D9370 support to Knysna and their fund injection.
Then yet another 2-page article on our clubs that accepted and turned the 1:1 challenge into a fun event, to be followed by the “read-to-lead” campaign that all 3 Districts signed with the Department of Basic Education to help promote reading throughout the country in the next two years. On behalf of D9350 I commented on the agreement: ”Working together to inspire our youth to read, Rotary and the Department of Basic Education are creating exceptional future leaders and making an even bigger difference”.
A few pages later the entrepreneurial investment that D9350 made to the Learn to Earn Ground UP Barista Academy gets well deserved mention. Well done RC of Wynberg! Then RC of Knysna features again with their poignant cricket game against The Epilepsy SA (Knysna branch). And scattered around are mentions of Newlands; Paarl; Oudtshoorn; Helderberg; Swellendam and Tygerberg. The story that takes the cake is the Rotary cake of Menno and Lizelle – a centerpiece at their recent wedding.
Now you understand why I am so proud of our clubs. And I can justly be – as can you. Do enjoy #MAD6 and may you be MAD-der than ever before!
Und lassen Sie uns gehen alle für dieses Zitat!
Et allons-y tous pour cette citation!
En laat ons alles gee vir die klub eerbetoon
Our Stories
Take 5 and Keep Our Oceans Alive update
George Tourism and Rotary Club George have launched a campaign to keep George and Wilderness beaches clean.
Rosie Mashale - CNN Hero 2017
The Rotary Club of Signal Hill has had an association with a project in Khayelitsha, called Baphumelele, for nearly 20 years. Rosie Mashale who originated the project has just been named by CNN as one of its 10 Heroes of 2017. She will be flown to New York for the televised finals on 17 December.
The Santa Flights 2017
The Santa Flights 2017
GEORGE AIRPORT - Once again we brought ALL the George Service Clubs together to carry out this unique Christmas project to benefit the youth of George. – all the planning, meetings and coordinating was made worthwhile, after seeing the delighted faces and hearing comments such as this one from a child just coming off his flight; “This is the most amazing day of my whole life!” Santa and his band of merry helpers from five service clubs, including Rotary and interactors toiled away in the midday sun at the George airport on Saturday 2nd December, organising the Santa Flights, catering and entertainment for 68 excited youngsters.
Outeniqua Primary Learners Share Festive Spirit
Outeniqua Primary Learners Share Festive Spirit
One Member, One Tree
I am totally thrilled with our D9350 clubs who not just took up the 1 member 1 tree challenge of our RI Pres Ian Riseley, but also with the creative way they all turned it into a fun and fellowship day.
Editable D9350 Brochure
A District 9350 brochure that can be edited to put your club details in. you can customize it with your club details.
Angola and the uniqueness of our African Rotary Districts
Angola – and the uniqueness of our African Rotary Districts
Angola (officially the Republic of Angola) is a country in Southern Africa.
Working Together for Red Cross Children's Hospital
Medical Equipment for the Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital
The Red Cross Project is a sterling example of “together we can make a bigger difference
RC of Sea Point Project
The Sea Point Rotary Club has been involved with Ilitha – a crèche for about 70 children in a most poverty stricken area of Cape Town  for about 12 years – when we started it housed 120 children in a tiny 50 sq. meter tin shack  – and had only  a few square meters of ground around the crèche. 

RC of Le Cap des Templates celebrates it's Paul Harris Fellows
RC of Le Cap des Tempestes celebrate its Paul Harris Fellows
The Winchester Hotel was the perfect venue for a special event organized by our French-speaking Rotary Club: Le Cap des Tempestes.

MAD-ly Inspired
MAD-ly INSPIRED? In this picture DG Lynette shows DGE Casper the way forward as she is starting her 2nd part of the 2017-2018 Rotary year with his 2018-2019 Rotary year on the horizon. 
D9370 Visits RC Kynsna
D9370 visits RC of Knysna
Dear DG Wally, PDG’s Bruce and Tom, Pippa and Arlene,
Thank you all so much for taking the time and trouble to visit us in Knysna on Tuesday. We all really appreciated your presence and your message of goodwill and support.
Windhoek Rotaract Club
Dennis Makofi of the Windhoek Rotaract Club and its Rotaractors did a fun fundraising chatting and wrapping gifts during the festive season.
DG visit Cape Town and Le Cap des Tempestes
The last official DG visit in 2017 was a combined visit where Rotary clubs of Cape Town (the oldest club) and Le Cap des Tempestes (the smallest) joined to enjoy an evening of fun and fellowship with DG Lynette
Old Dogs, New Tricks
An interesting article recently published in The Helderberger Newsletter:
Change, often rapid and disorienting, is today’s norm. Even things our grandparents took for granted – manual typewriters, telegrams, smelling salts, corsets – have dis-appeared into antique shops and museums. We change jobs and even careers many times in one lifetime. We travel more. It seems like we adapt to new technologies almost weekly.
What hasn’t changed is that human beings need to learn so they can adapt and thrive in new circumstances. Is this possible for older people? It’s common
knowledge that children are voracious learners but the famous cliché suggests that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. This simply isn’t true.
As research conducted by my colleagues and I has shown, learning is a lifelong
process. It’s also life-wide: we learn in all kinds of situations besides schools and colleges – in our families, workplaces, communities and through leisure activities. And it’s life-deep: it’s about emotions, morality, cultural and spiritual development, not just the intellect.
DG visit to Oudtshoorn 2017
It is an honor to serve Rotary as a  District Governor – and the DG visits make it an unforgettable year with lasting memories.
The ECD projects of so many of our clubs are especially uplifting: to see the joy at learning in the eyes of the youth; to hear their sweet voices singing with facial expression perfectly mimicking the words; to smile and get a 100 smiles back. Now that is why Rotary is the best gift you can give to yourself.
We are Rotary. We are people of action.
Ian Riseley, President, Rotary International brings to our attention the value added to our Rotary experience by visiting the Rotary Brand Centre. Tell the story of Rotary and how we are people of action in your community and around the world.
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