Contact: Lynne Wade
The Milnerton Playhouse
Milnerton Playhouse access road
Pienaar Street
Milnerton, Western Cape  7435
South Africa

Blouberg Rotary Gala - Night at the Theatre

DATE  : 6 December
TIME  : 19H00 for 19H30
VENUE  : The Milnerton Playhouse,
Pienaar Road, Milnerton (behind the Milnerton library)

COST  : R120 PP


‘Julia Dowling has an unexpected visitor who intends to escort her off to the afterlife on Christmas Eve.  But for Julia, 72 Christmases aren’t nearly enough, and she convinces Death to grant her a one day reprieve by inviting him to Christmas dinner with her friends and family.  She formulates a Christmas dinner of goose and plum pudding after Death tells her that he was on a first name basis with Charlie Dickens.

Julia creates a not quite accurate happy family scenario, with her daughter Beth and her (imaginary) children, her sister Rose with her husband  Bernie, her son Paul and his Jewish girlfriend Melissa, and a  visit by her Catholic pastor.  Add Jack Frost (Death) and a suicide victim, Matthew.  In this story, Death has a childlike and curious side which leads him to want to experience a Christmas dinner. What will happen when he discovers Julia’s charade?

The show contains many twists and turns that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. In turns hilarious and deeply poignant, Frederick Stroppel’s ‘The Christmas Spirit’ is a touching look at the things that really make life worth living.’