The highlight of the Rotary Family Health Days  for me personally is about making a tangible  impact – no matter how small – on the people we are  working with,  and also on  those for whom we are providing a service.
Known as the “Moment of Truth”,  these many  meaningful moments/ interactions  go mostly  unnoticed as the clients pass through the various stations at our sites. However, what we may not always realise, is that  we are constantly  being observed  by those around us - the clients, other staff members and  volunteers – who subconsciously evaluate the manner in which  we go about doing this work and  how we handle the various situations. These actions  make an impression, good or bad, on the people around us. They create an  “Ah Ha” moment  that makes an impact on that person which  could stay with them  for the rest of their lives!
What an awesome responsibility, honour and  unique opportunity we have as we  become the tangible  ‘FACE’ of the round wheel of the Rotary logo, and we  showcase who we are as Rotarians and how we walk the talk of the Four way Test .
Added to that, are the many wonderful stories that come out of the sites – of specific cases where have truly ‘made a difference’ where we too have been moved.  There can be no better feeling than that.
So, to each person  who has given service in these past Rotary Family Health Days and  who has been willing to support the cause and gone the extra mile, I say “Thank you – I salute you, and I look forward to doing it all over again next year”
Bev Frieslich
RFHD Steering Committee Chair D9350