Rotaract Sea Point induction
The Rotaract Sea Point induction on 15 November 2017 was a showcase of the diversity of our young Rainbow nation. Simply so proud of them.
There were many highlight, but by far the best was the moving toast to South Africa made by our young Rotaract Romy-Lee Ferreira. Here it is:
The toast to South Africa by Romy
When it was asked who would be willing to give a toast to South Africa for our induction ceremony, keeping in mind I am terrified of public speaking, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.  Partly because I've come to learn that the only way to overcome your fears is to face them head on, but more importantly because I have such a huge amount of love and admiration for this country.
It is far too often that we hear negative commentary about South Africa from its very own people. We see its citizens fleeing the country in search for better futures abroad, but take it from someone who has spent the majority of their years overseas in one of the wealthiest and secure economies in the world... that there no amount of money, materials or safety that will ever compare to the unfathomable beauty and majestic spirit of this nation.
Sometimes painful times teaches us things we didn’t think we needed to know.
And I know that it is these difficult situations that we are currently facing that is teaching us the most valuable lessons of all. Like how the lack of water is teaching us preservation or how rising prices teaches us to consume in moderation.
How witnessing or experiencing poverty teaches us to appreciate the little things in life and how we stand United regardless of gender, race or preference against corruption teaching us "together we are stronger".
Through these tough lessons we strengthen, we grow we evolve and become the very best we can be
My message is simple.
Never stop believing in the potential of this country, because this country has never stopped believing In the potential In each and every one us.
If we judge less and observe more, we will quickly come to realize how very blessed we are to call South Africa our home.
So please raise your glasses,
A toast to our beautiful South Africa.