Tree planting challenge
Tree planting challenge
One of the most popular citation goals that clubs are embracing are the tree planting challenge of 1:1 – that is 1 member 1 tree to be planted. This challenge ends on Earth Day 22 April 2018.
Two recent initiatives are
Knysna 1:1 challenge in partnership with RC of Chatsworth (D9370) and the Anns
The two Clubs, Knysna and Chatsworth, and the Anns from both Clubs have pulled together to plant 150 – 200 trees in Feb/March next year. The trees will be planted in Pledge Nature Reserve, Knysna. This is a reserve which was severely affected by the recent fires.
Tree species have been selected, as has a specific planting location and the tree committee is liaising with the Pledge management committee regarding the finer details..
Newly chartered E-Club of Greater Cape Town
During the E-club’s very 1st fellowship meeting at the historic 300+ year old farm Oudekloof of charter member PDG Andrew Jaeger, the E-clubbers planted 30 trees to take up the 1:1 challenge.  Pres Peter Dekker made sure that his Presidential tree (Ash Oak) was planted where it will be seen by hundreds of guests visiting the farm. The lane where the 30 trees were planted will be known as “Rotary Lane” and each tree will have a special memory plague made with a personal message.