Dear Fellow Rotarians and Guests
We are in the early stages of rebuilding our new look and feel WEB site.
  • Building the Site does not require specialist skills
  • We believe that users can quickly get a handle on how to do this by using the very good training material
  • The site is split into two main parts Namely Members and WEB site for PI content
  • We believe that the Members Part of the site will improve the way we work with each other
  • Please read on and find out how to get your UserName and PassWord
So there are two main things you an do to help us:
  • If you are a district 9350 member then you need to get your UserName and PassWord
  • At the bottom of the login screen you will be able to request a login
  • ​Use your e-mail address as an input when requested. If your e-mail address is in the database then this will work right away. You will get an e-mail sent to you. If not then send us a message and we will help you.
  • Login
  • Go to you Club Section and then to you Personnel Details
  • You should be able to update elements of this that are incomplete or not correct
  • If you are having difficulty contact you Club Secretary for help
  • Do your best to give us a picture of yourself
  • If each Club works on this together it should go quite quickly as we pick up momentum
For WEB Site Content
If you are an active contributor to you own Club WEB site then you need to help us:
  • We want at least one good and current Club Story from you that will draw the readers interest
  • We would like it to be short, this is more difficult
  • It should include at least one captioned picture
  • Most importantly it should include links to you Club WEB Site so the reader can go there for other interesting content
  • We will help you with this
Please contact either myself Ian Robertson or John Jacobs for more help. Find our contact details on the member side of the WEB site.