We lost a Rotary leader. An African leader. A friend. Rotary cries
Message from DG Lynette
Suddenly like a thunderbolt out of the blues, the news came this afternoon,  our RIPE,PDG Sam Owori has passed on to the great beyond. Confusion, consternation overwhelmed all who heard. Frantic efforts were made to confirm the news. Alas, it's the truth.  A great loss to all Rotarians but more to we Africans. A fine gentleman, a quintessential and great Rotarian has just gone to answer the call of His Maker. Our Loving Thoughts and Prayers shall accompany the soul on his path upwards. May his good works as a Rotarian stand for him on his journey home. Adieu our Great Hope, a Great Gift to Africa.

Message from Ian H.S. Riseley, President, Rotary International 2017-18
My fellow Rotary leaders,
It is with the heaviest of hearts that I need to advise you that the President-elect of Rotary International, Sam Owori, died last night.
Sam had undergone some surgery in Texas that he had been planning for some time, and there were post-operative complications from which he couldn’t recover. I will provide appropriate details when they are known.
In this time of great loss, I ask you to keep Norah, the Owori family and Sam’s millions of friends around the world in your thoughts.

Sam was a special person in so many ways, and is a huge loss. We will provide more details on funeral arrangements as they become available.
From the perspective of Rotary administration, we in Evanston are looking at what needs to be done as a result of Sam’s passing. 
With enormous sadness,
Ian H.S. Riseley
President, Rotary International 2017-18

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