#MAD No 3 - September 2017 Newsletter

My message
August was our membership month. And what a super increase in membership we had! I dare to believe that we are now over or close to 1200 members – an increase of around 70. So D9350 is 0,1% of the worldwide Rotary family again. Well done to all the clubs for your focus on getting members with a Rotary heart – and for loving our District so much that we all worked towards keeping D9350 as unique and special as it is.
For me August was actually a special Members Achieving Dreams month. We asked all clubs in the District to arrest their disbelief and believe in the Rotary Dream of “Yes we can grow” – and we turned our dreams in reality. In most of the clubs I visited so far members were inducted. Our clubs are simply the best!
And now we are in the merry month of Spring! And what a busy fun month lay ahead. We have our very own Rotary International President Ian and his wife PDG Juliet Riseley taking time off to visit us – and we will be cocktailing and tree-planting and lunching with them in numbers. Thank you for the support! Then we have clubs that put up their hands to man 35 sites for RFHD early October. And shortly thereafter the mini-conference will be held at the NH Lord Charles on 21 October where we can learn more; share ideas; tell stories and celebrate our Rotary District.
I have to say: the DG visits are hectic, but also the most memorable and enjoyable part of a DG’s life. I am so privileged to see the amazing work each club does; to hear the pride and passion for their clubs; to listen to the heartfelt thanks from the beneficiaries – and then those smiles and hugs and pure pleasure of the little ones who enjoy the visits; the older ones who love the attention; the caring ones who feel appreciated. Every single one of you as Rotarians has touched the lives of so many – and made a difference. And they will remember and love you for that forever.
Please take time off to read and enjoy this 3 rd #MAD and again I ask you to go out and carry on being MAD – you do it so well.
Warm D9350 Rotary greetings
Our Stories
First use of new Branding Material
On 12 August 2017 Rotary Club Hermanus made use of the new branding material at the Rotary Hermanus Wildekrans Isipani MTB.
Saving Time Saving Money
D9350 DPI's committee saves, on average, R7 300 every time they meet on Zoom/Skype, online.
This is calculated on the basis of :
9 members                                                                                                                                                                     
Otherwise traveling a collective 1,100 kms to attend the meeting (okay, our District has lots of kms in it)
And spending a collective 20 hours in their cars
Travel time, at a nominal R250 per hour, amounts to R5000
Fuel, at 15l/100kms accounts for R2300.
How about that?
DG Visit to Rotary Club Swellendam
On Tuesday 15 August DG Lynette visited Rotary Club Swellendam.
Here are some photos of the visit.
One to One 20 August 2017
One to One was held 20 August 2017 at Cape Town Stadium
12 Rotary Clubs, 4 Rotaract Clubs and 10 Interact Clubs had stalls there.
Kirstenbosch distributes 23rd container of books
The Rotary Club of Kirstenbosch recently received its 23rd container of library books and educational toys from School Aid UK over a period of 11 years.  This year’s 40-foot container came with many new challenges.
First Rotaractor to become Rotarian in District 9350
Wade Skriker was inducted to Rotary Club Somerset West on 12 June 2017.
Wade is Past President of False Bay Rotaract Club 2016/2017 and will be the Secratary of Rotary Club Somerset West 2017/2018.
River Clean-up
The Rotary Club Oudtshoorn initiated a "river clean-up" project to co-incide with Mandela Day 18 July 2017.
Foundation Giving - The Top 30 countries
We get 20 times more from Foundation than giving – let us keep on giving! A special plea to the 25 clubs that did not give last year.
Rotary Club Newlands now largest Club in District 9350
Erika Cologan Hajaji was recently inducted into Rotary Club Newlands becoming the Club's 60th member.
Erika was previously a member of Rotary Club Libreville Central in Gabon.
Spring Day Tree Planting
Rotary Club of Newlands celebrated Spring day 1st by planting 30 trees with Steenberg High School children as part of RI President Ian's 1 member 1 tree challenge.
They then celebrated the opening of the school's music and arts centre- a project with partners Coca Cola Penbev
Now another 30+ to go as this club is our biggest and is growing in members regularly.
From RI Pres Ian Riseley: “It's wonderful to see so many Rotary clubs participating in my tree planting challenge. Be sure to share your club's story with #pledgetoplant. “
Upcoming Events September 2017
19 September 2017 - RI President Cocktail Event 
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