#MAD No 1 - July 2017 Newsletter - Specific
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Welcome to this very 1st edition of #MAD, my District e-bulletin, where we will together showcase our D9350 club stories and how our clubs are MAD about Making-A-Difference in 2017-2018.
Our first story captures how Rotarians are everyday heroes – when Knysna burnt and needed its Rotary family, you said you are there for them. That essence: to be of assistance; to work for the good of others; to make a difference, will be what #MADfocuses on.
Through our stories and our involvement, let 2017-2018 be the year where we feel re-energised, re-vitalised and re-connected. Let us join hands as Rotarian leaders to exchange ideas and take action. A year where the question: “Are we making a difference?” will be answered with a resounding “YES!”
Our Stories
Knysna Fire Relief
AG Di Kershaw reported on the devastating fires: George Rotary Club’s contribution to the relief efforts for the Knysna fire victims was quick and focused. The Club purchased two bakkie loads of  warm second hand clothes from the George SPCA shop. This made our cash work twice as hard. Not only were we able to provide a couple of hundred items of warm clothing for Knysna fire victims, but we were also able to financially contribute to the SPCA who used the money from this sale to finance animal rescue operations for animals caught up in this disaster.
RCK July 2017 Fire Relief Report No 1
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Accept the challenge! - Choose to refuse single-use plastic
Our Breede River Winelands Rotary Club is very supportive of and involved in the Rethink the Bag Project in Montagu.
Monday the 3rd July 2017 was International No Plastic Bag Day  and some of our members  spent the day helping to remind and encourage our community to be more mindful of the harmful effects of the increasingly large amounts of plastic waste in our environment.
The initiative is  being guided in the process by Two Oceans Aquarium and their Senior Bird Keeper, Hayley McLellan who founded the movement 'Rethink the Bag'.
The 2017-2018 theme, Rotary: Making a Difference
The 2017-2018 theme, Rotary: Making a Difference, was announced at Rotary's International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, on January 16, 2017. Learn more at
Learning Books Handover
DGE Casper Kruger visited Namibia and PDG Michael Johnson used this opportunity to get 5 boxes of Atlases to Rotary Clubs Klein Windhoek Valley and Auas (Windhoek). They also received one complimentary box of the 'BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE' book to use to market to the Namibian clubs.
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Upcoming Events July 2017
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22 July 2017 - RFHD Workshop at Intaka Island
DG visits start 18 July 2017, consult 'Handbook and Directory for Rotarians in District 9350 2017-18'
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Club President Induction 2017-18
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