From Information to Inspiration

Rotarians are often so focused on the work we do that we fail to spend time to reflect upon and share our achievements.  Our District PI Team therefore decided to share our good news with a series of infographics and stories of our projects. To do so, we have launched our #infotoinspo campaign or, more formally, the Information to Inspiration Campaign.  (The first two graphics in the series appear herewith.)
The District Data Project provided the tool to collate project activity so that a meaningful review of Rotary's work can be shared not just with Rotarians but with our many partners; from Government to non-profit and individuals to corporates.
The numbers we've gathered make great reading. Follow the daily posts at and please do get Rotarians in your Club to 'like' the page. If they are long-time fans please them to check that they've 'followed'. Then please 'share', widely, and let's put a big shout-out to celebrate Rotary's Birthday month.